Delicious refreshment

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Blogger Matt said...

Can somebody please tell me what she's drinking!!!

1:07 am  
Blogger Julia said...

Dat op dit prachtige moment de kleuren ook precies goed zijn !!Een kunstenaar ben je !!! Maar helaas.. ik rook nog steeds ;)

3:25 am  
Blogger Ces said...

This is precious. I noticed the "American Way of Life" photograph. Those devil potato chips, heavy calories and empty nutrition. I was 27 when I ate my first potato chip at a picnic in Warinanco Park, New Jersey. I wish I never started. LOL!!!

5:01 am  
Blogger Matthews said...

yummy blue drink.
I like your pictures Bart.
I just noticed you had left a comment on one of mine, thank you for that.

5:14 am  
Blogger maxentia said...

De kleuren spetteren het scherm af Bart! Krijg zelf zin in een ijsje trouwens

5:16 am  
Blogger pieterbie said...

Fantastisch actieshot!

5:41 am  
Anonymous Hildegarde said...

Dat is een volledige hmmmmm-foto. Geweldig goed geschoten !

6:46 am  
Blogger Natalie said...

As appealing as the older girl's blue drink looks, I think I'd prefer the younger girl's ice-cream. I love ice-cream.

7:42 am  
Blogger Muzaffer Yagiz said...

thank you bart. It's my son.

11:47 am  
Anonymous Evy said...

straks leg ik een link.
ja, glimlach :-)

1:32 pm  
Blogger - said...

Thank you. Do visit my blog and keep updated. I see that you have an interest in photography. Well, thank you again and nice to meet you.

7:15 am  
Blogger Angelia Rian said...

First - let me say thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments... :)

Second - I love this picture...! I have no idea what that blue drink is but it looks tasty... :) And the little one seems to be thoroughly enjoying that ice cream... *grin*

Third - I really like all your photos here... I've bookmarked you and will definately be back... *smile*

1:14 pm  
Blogger taittems said...


12:14 pm  
Blogger Antonio Sevila said...

Captar el instante preciso, ver el gesto gracioso y reflejarlo en una foto excelente.

2:20 pm  

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