The common pond skater (Gerris Lacustris)

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Anonymous Tulip Fairy said...

Schaatsenrijders, diehadden wij vroeger ook op de vijver. Mooi gezicht vond ik dat altijd.

1:43 pm  
Blogger TOM said...

I'd love to borrow this pic as a screen saver?

2:04 pm  
Blogger Ces said...

Bart I love this photograph. Such an illusion. I thought they were flying and then realized they were on the water!

4:10 pm  
Blogger Haider Droubi said...

hope this beauty and peace is every where now...unfortunatly ,,it is not,,,not in lebanon...

3:18 am  
Blogger Julia said...

Bart ,Ik wist niet eens dat ze bestonden!!! Lopen ze daar dus echt op water?? Wonderbaarlijk en je foto ook.

4:04 am  
Blogger Julia said...

Ik zal nog wat aan m'n fotootje hier moeten doen zie ik :) Ik krijg als ie zo verkleind gaat worden erg leipe oogjes :)

4:06 am  
Blogger Suzana said...

I like this picture a lot, Bart. To me it looks like their stretching out their arms... ;) Reminds me of being a kid & floating on my back in the water, arms outstretched, and staring up at the clouds.

I can't say it enough. I love your pictures, Bart. They're very pleasing!

8:13 am  
Blogger tsduff said...

We always called them water striders. Guess they are all over the world! Nice picture Bart.

3:41 pm  
Blogger carofly said...

perfect!!! is perfect im from chilean! good job
i like this pictures


2:25 pm  
Anonymous Niro said...

Yes indeed you are creative.
I still dont know how to leave a comment. Thats how new I am.

5:30 am  
Blogger Matthews said...

i really love this picture bart.
it is so beautiful.

5:13 am  

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